Giorgi Tielidze

Senior Cybersecurity Adviser Adviser, Office of National Security Council of Georgia 

Mr. Giorgi Tielidze is the senior cybersecurity adviser at the Office of State Security and Crisis Management Council. Since 2012 Mr. Tielidze has served on the Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) in the capacity of the Georgian Representative to the Committee and subsequently in 2014, he was chosen as a Cybercrime Convention Committee Bureau Member.

Previously, Mr. Tielidze served in various law enforcement and security agencies including State Security and Crisis Management as well as from 2017, co-leading Investigative System Reform on behalf of EU in his capacity as the Project Manager of the EU Criminal Justice Support Project. From 2020, Mr. Tielidze runs the Specialized Educational Program on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Investigations at GFSIS where he is a Research Fellow.

On the national level, Mr. Tielidze is responsible to prepare draft policy and legal acts related to cybersecurity matters as well as provide cybersecurity related analyses and advisory opinions to the Head of the Office and Secretary of the National Security Council of Georgia.