An association is driven by its mission and largely measured by its success in achieving mission-related goals. Good governance provides the vision and direction to ensure that an association is on the right path. The responsibility for governing an association typically rests with a volunteer board of directors, operating according to a set of bylaws and working in close collaboration with the organization’s chief staff executive to set strategic direction, provide necessary resources, and make key decisions that association staff then implement to meet member needs. Volunteer leadership is often distributed among committees, task forces, and other groups, making volunteer management an important operational function for association staff.

ICGFM was incorporated in the District of Columbia on October 25, 1978 and is governed by the 2010 DC Nonprofit Corporation Act. In addition, ICGFM operates based on its Articles of Incorporation and its Bylaws. The Bylaws were recently amended in December 2022. 

ICGFM Governance Structure