“David M. Nummy  Lifetime Achievement Award”

The David M. Nummy Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have made sustained contributions in advancing the ICGFM Mission.  It recognizes outstanding ambassadors for the organization and individuals who have demonstrated their passion for improving public financial management around the world.

The award is named for David Nummy, who served on the ICGFM Executive Committee and Board of Directors, and is best remembered for his role as Vice President of Programs where he served as the Master of Ceremonies for conferences for over a decade. David personified the ICGFM mission and embodied the spirit of the organization through his tireless work and significant contributions over the years.  

The award is sponsored by ICGFM to recognize and honor individuals who have made sustained contributions by bringing their expertise, passion, knowledge and dedication to further the ICGFM mission.

Congratulations to our winners

2023 Ed Olowo-Okere


2017 Peter Aliferis


Frequency of Award and Nomination:

This Award will be given periodically and will not necessarily be awarded each year.


Selection Process:

The President may nominate individuals for the award which will, in turn, be approved by the ICGFM Executive Committee. Individuals may also recommend individuals for consideration by the President.


Awards Presentation:

In the year that the award is to be given, it will be presented at the annual ICGFM Training Conference.