The ICGFM Online
Training Academy

Enhancing knowledge and practical skills in PFM

The ICGFM Online Training Academy offers a suite of practical training courses written specifically for governments, audit institutions and commercial organisations to train new and existing staff. 

Academy training is also available to individuals who want to train for a career in PFM and to those interested in developing their existing skills, knowledge and understanding. 

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ICGFM Training Courses

Each course includes succinct video lessons that are complemented with workbooks, online quizzes and practical case studies that allow participants to put their new-found knowledge into action.

The training academy currently offers a Foundation Course in PFM (50 hrs) and a Diploma course in PFM (120 hrs). Short courses are currently being added that cover more specialist PFM topics.

If you have a training need that requires a cost-effective, efficient and comprehensive solution, click the button below to read more about the courses and how they can help your organisation or your career.

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