ICGFM understands the importance of providing world-class training opportunities for PFM professionals and those working in the international public finance arena. We know budgets are tight and understand your health and travel concerns are top priorities at this time. That's why we have made our webinars available for purchase and on-demand to continue our commitment to offer training and critical knowledge to support your own work and those of your colleagues.  

Check this page often as we will continue adding content on-demand as we expand our virtual training portfolio.


The Future-Proofed Auditor Series

The 21st century has ushered in an era of unprecedented risk volatility and velocity. No profession has been more impacted by the modern risk environment than internal auditors. As a profession deeply rooted in a risk-centric approach to serving organizations, internal auditors have adapted to the environment by displaying agility and resilience. Auditors of the future will be under even greater pressure to audit at the speed of risk, serve as trusted advisors and be transformational inspiring agents of change. ICGFM has partnered exclusively with Richard F. Chambers to bring a webinar series to government auditors focused on the themes of his award-winning book series. earn up to 5.4 CPEs!




2021 Winter Symposium — Dawn of a New Day: Addressing Global Challenges

ICGFM’s virtual Winter Symposium – Dawn of a New Day: Addressing Global Challenges is an opportunity to learn from leading experts and engage with PFM professionals from across the globe. Connect from home or office for two half-days of virtual learning and earn 10.54 CPEs! 



Natural Resources: Accounting, Management, and Oversight 

Governments must be able to account for, manage, and oversee subsoil natural resources which are a vital source of revenue for many countries. In the current resource-constrained environment, information for decision-making is more critical than ever while social, environmental, and corruption risks continue to increase. 



Climate Responsive PFM: Policies, Practices, and Tools for Achieving Environmental Goals 

This 60-minute panel discussion with financial management professionals from Deloitte and the PEFA Secretariat will present the key elements for introducing climate responsive public financial management (PFM) practices into a country’s policy and fiscal framework. Participants will gain an understanding of the links between fiscal policies and practices and the achievement of environmental commitments and become familiar with tools (e.g., Green Budgeting) and guidance and resources (e.g., PEFA Climate Framework) that can help them get started.



Cybersecurity – Where in the World do I Start? 

This 90-minute webinar on-demand will introduce the key “building blocks” to create a cybersecurity program. Participants will gain an understanding of cybersecurity risks and learn how to start developing the key elements (People, Process, and Technology).

Public financial management leaders and staff will learn to effectively manage the impacts of cybersecurity risks for their organization’s enterprise mission.



Forum on IPSASB Exposure Draft 75, Leases, and Request for Information

Presented by João Carlos Fonseca, Principal at IPSASB 



2021 Virtual Training Symposium

The ICGFM 2021 Virtual Training Symposium originally broadcast in February 2021 over two half-days is now available on demand! This LIVE recorded broadcast offers the chance to learn from leading experts during panel presentations and a unique Innovation Roundtable plus watch a captivating closing presentation by Srinivas Gurazada from PEFA. 

Full Package Price:
$100 – Members  |  $35.00 – Student  |  $200.00 – Non-members

Full Agenda


Public Finance Innovation for Sustainable Development

Presented by Doug Hadden, FreeBalance Executive Vice President of Strategy and Innovation 
Sponsored by FreeBalance
Time: 85 min.

Price: $29.00 – Members  |  $79.00 – Non-members


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COVID-19 Response: Vaccine, Finances, Risks, and Innovation

ICGFM, the World Bank, Gavi, and the Global Fund jointly hosted a virtual event on June 29, 2021 to share information and facilitate an active discussion among government financial managers (Public Financial Management professionals) and those responsible for resourcing, overseeing, and ensuring COVID 19 vaccine delivery.  Event hosts and country representatives shared different perspectives on the resources, risks, and innovation associated with vaccine delivery. The video and summary of the event are both available free, but those interested in accessing either must register. The video is in English. The summary is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian.