David Robins    

Managing Director, Information Technology & Cybersecurity, US Government Accountability Office. Washington, DC



Nick Marinos is the Managing Director of GAO’s Information Technology and Cybersecurity team. He oversees work on federal IT practices, including IT management, acquisitions, and operations; privacy and sensitive data, and cybersecurity.

Nick joined GAO in 2002. He has led major reviews of efforts by the executive branch to implement the National Cyber Strategy; data protection practices at the Department of Homeland Security, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Federal Student Aid office, and key financial regulatory agencies;the Census Bureau’s efforts to implement and protect IT systems critical to the 2020 Census; and the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure.

Nick earned an MBA in information systems and technology and a bachelor’s degree in business information technology, both from Virginia Tech. He serves on the Virginia Tech BIT advisory board at the Pamplin College of Business. Nick is a certified information privacy professional