Joseph Foti

Chief of Research, Open Government Partnership, USA



Joseph Foti is the Chief Research Officer of the Open Government Partnership. He leads the Analytics and Insights team which is responsible for major research initiatives, managing OGP’s significant data resources, and ensuring the highest quality of analysis and relevance in OGP publications. He has over a decade leading research and accountability efforts across a range of sustainable development issues. With over 30 publications to his name, he has expertise in environmental policy, impact assessment, justice reform, civic space, and access to information. His most recent major work was as the Chief Editor of OGP’s first global report, Democracy Beyond the Ballot Box. Before his current role he was the founding director of OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism. Prior to his work at OGP, he was a Senior Associate for the Access Initiative, a network led by the World Resources Institute (WRI). Prior to this, he worked as a public school teacher.

Prior to joining the bank Tim carried out advisory work and applied research into public finance, service delivery and aid effectiveness, predominantly in East Africa and South Asia.  Tim had a long relationship with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) working as a Research Associate and started his career in 1998 working at the Ugandan Ministry of Finance.