Geoff Dubrow, MA, MPA, LSSBB, LSSGB

Founder and Principal Consultant, Nexus PFM Consulting, Inc., Canada


 Geoff Dubrow is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Nexus PFM Consulting Inc. He is a Public Financial Management expert with 20 years’ experience strengthening the nexus between PFM and elected bodies such as parliament. When visiting a number of debt management units in the Caribbean in 2016, Geoff recognized that a key (but often absent) factor in effective debt management was political leadership and political will. This has led Geoff to advocate for debt transparency, stronger debt management practices and an enhanced role for parliament in oversight of public debt management (PDM). Since 2020, Geoff has authored five publications on the role of parliament in public debt management, developed an assessment tool to evaluate the role parliaments are playing in PDM, and developed the content for an e-course. In addition to gender budgeting, Geoff also specializes in strengthening the nexus between ministries of finance and budget committees as well as Supreme Audit Institutions and public accounts committees.