Dr. Imran Pambudi

MPHM National TB Program Manager 
Ministry of Health Indonesia

Imran Pambudi is the National TB Program Manager and Deputy Director of Tuberculosis Prevention and Control at the Ministry of Health of Indonesia. Since 2018, he has been managing healthcare programs and implementations at the central and district levels. As part of his leadership responsibilities, he has been directing the procurement and supply chain management of TB health products (including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and lab equipment), as well as COVID-19 diagnostics procured through the Global Fund grant flexibilities and COVID-19 Response Mechanism. His primary responsibilities have been to ensure sustainable access to essential health products by managing risks arising from national and international Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) regulations and the global impact of the pandemic.

Prior to this position, he was Deputy Director of Multi-Lateral Health Cooperation with the Bureau of International Cooperation (BIC), dealing with UN Agencies, Global Health, Global Health Security Agenda. He was also a Delegate representing Indonesia at the World Health Assembly from 2011 to 2018.

Before joining the BIC, he was a Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Officer responsible for the quality of care, referral system, and information system for MCH programs. He worked as a Procurement Officer in MCH from 2007 until 2016. He obtained a National Procurement Certification in 2007, which was recertified in 2014.

Additionally, his experience as a District Facilitator in the World Bank’s Safe Motherhood Project has enabled him to understand and manage procurement, administration and coordination challenges in the field.

He holds a MD from Airlangga University, Indonesia and a MPH in Primary Health Care Management from the ASEAN Institute of Health Development in Mahidol University.