OwuorAnne Owuor

Anne Owuor is an accountant and auditor with over 25 years diverse experience in the public sector serving in various senior positions.  Currently she serves as a Partner/ Director with Matengo Associates, which is a professional firm that deals in auditing & accounting in the public sector; private sector, financial services sector and international NGO’s (donor funded projects).

She is a skilled, executive leader with a distinguished career in strategic planning, policy and budget development, internal auditing, financial reporting, accounting, and global operations leadership for high profile organizations. She is adept at facilitating growth by developing various levels of organization and building cohesive teams and collaborate effectively with other Board members to align defined objectives to achieve mission-critical results. She holds a MBA in Finance, MSc in Audit Management and Consultancy and a PhD holder in Leadership and Management. She is a professional accountant, internal auditor, holder of various accounting and auditing certifications – Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Risk Management Assurance as well as Certified Forensic Investigator Professional.

In Kenya, Ms. Owuor was instrumental in setting up the Public Sector Accounting Standards Board of Kenya and was among the first Board directors, nominated by Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya where she was a council member for several years. Due to her initiative, various groups from Kenya attended the training sessions held by ICGFM over the years. This led the Government of Kenya to recognize the value of collaborating with ICGFM and realizing the potential benefits that can accrue in participation in their programs, training and bench marking with other countries as a way of promoting accounting standards in the public sector.


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