ErdosiPéter Erdősi

Regional Director, Public Sector Centre of Excellence, Oracle EMEA

Péter is a Hungarian citizen and he has been working with Oracle’s Budapest based Public Sector Centre of Excellence (PS CoE) for the last 14 years.

Péter holds a MSc in Economics and prior to joining Oracle he held several positions with his country’s Government, where his last assignment was Director-General for Macro-economics and Foreign Direct Investment at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Péter during the last 10 years with Oracle has extensively engaged with a number of Governments in Africa and has gained significant experience with e-Government initiatives and ICT development agendas globally.

Péter specializes in Public Financial Management (PFM) and in solutions helping governments improve their fiscal positions and generally their internal efficiencies. He is also responsible for projects that are donor funded or generally relate to international funding organizations, such as the WB or ADB.


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