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ICGFM's activities include the disciplines of governmental financial management: accounting, auditing, budgeting, data processing, debt ad-ministration, retirement administration, and treasury management.

A number of our member firms specialize in strengthening the capacity of developing countries’ public financial management and have agreed to work with ICGFM to provide training and technical assistance. Together we are available to support financial management reform for interested countries or regional groupings wherever country- or donor financing of a program is available. ICGFM and the member firms below are prepared to tailor and implement programs for country or regional needs involving learning events similar to those that ICGFM presents in Washington, DC and Miami every year in combination with capability-building programs:

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Evans Incorporated

Change is a constant in both the public and private sectors, and effective change management leadership is a crucial factor in an organization’s ability to adapt and thrive. The Evans Change Leaders Training (CLT) program equips Public Financial Management leaders to successfully guide change, deliver sustainable solutions, and build a resilient workforce. The course covers topics ranging from the nature of change through the structuring and management of a change portfolio, and the experts at Evans ensure that participants leave with practical knowledge that they can use to successfully plan for and implement changes in their own organizations.

Further information about our Change Leaders Training may be found here.


The Center for Audit Excellence provides fee-based training and technical assistance services to worldwide accountability organizations including Supreme Audit Institutions; internal audit organizations, government agencies, and legislative bodies.  The Center has a roster of over 80 senior managers who have extensive experience in leading financial and performance audits, teaching, and coaching on topics such as performance auditing, audit methodologies, information technology, procurement, statistics, environmental issues, public debt, and internal control.  In addition to providing training classes, the Center can help audit organizations and other government organizations to enhance their institutional capacity by developing strategic plans, internal controls, quality assurance frameworks, human capital strategies, and performance management systems.

Further information about our services may be found here.

Graduate School USA

The Government Audit Training Institute (GATI) was created in 1979 to provide training for compliance with the government audit standards and promote integrity and accountability in government performance and operations.  GATI has served the expanding role and requirements of independent government auditors as the premier provider of quality training through a comprehensive program of basic, intermediate and executive level courses.  GATI training presented by expert practitioners, reflects current requirements and needs. GATI courses are available by open enrollment and as on-site, customized training.  GATI is expanding its reach and accessibility to domestic and foreign governments for greater audit competency in risk and fraud reduction, compliance, program evaluation, and innovative problem solving.  Through new partnerships, technology and products GATI efficiently delivers valued audit training services.

Further information about our training services may be found here.


IBI provides world-class international expertise in-country to assess public financial management systems, identify performance gaps and design local solutions packages that generate quick wins and sustainability. We work with local professionals to provide installation, training and mentoring so that new ICT systems for accounting, auditing, customs reform, and trade facilitation are fully supported in the future by trained local personnel. In twenty years we have professionalized government and private sector organizations in South Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. In July 2016 USAID named IBI small business of the year, known for successful implementation of complex projects overseas.

Further information about our services may be found here.

PFM Training LTD

PFM Training Limited provides training on all areas of public financial management in countries across the world.  Formed by Michael Parry, one of the most experienced PFM professionals and trainers, PFM Training Limited offers both in-country and web-based advice, design, management and delivery of PFM training.  Experience of integrating web based remote learning, student support and training of trainers with training delivery by in-country training institutions.  Capability includes PFM task related, budget, IPSAS and professional examination training. Training by a team of very experienced and highly qualified PFM trainers.

View our comprehensive statement of capability here. 


Swale House Partners Inc. (SHP) provides bespoke training and consulting services related to natural resource transitions and Public Financial Management (PFM). Our training team is comprised of practitioners in accounting, public financial management, public policy, and law with a focus on contextual practical application. Our trainers have experience working with governments in over seventy countries.  We pride ourselves on both, the quality of our professional services, and on our ability to transfer our knowledge to our clients, who have the challenge of applying best practices and international principles in more challenging political, administrative, and economic climates.

Further information about our training and consulting services may be found here.

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