DC Forum Luncheon Series - Programs and Sponsors

DC Forums are held February, March, April, September, October and November at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington, DC

February 5, 2020

Leah April, Senior Public Sector Specialist, The World Bank

Post-Disaster Public Financial Management Review and Engagement Framework

Sponsor:  Grant Thornton


Shiva Verma(Sponsor-Grant Thornton), Leah April(Speaker-World Bank), Dave Pearl(VP Programs-CSS)

November 13, 2019

David Hall, Senior Governance Specialist, DAI Global

Domestic Resource Mobilization in El Salvador

Sponsor:  IBI

October 9, 2019

Alexis Bonnell, Chief Innovation Officer, USAID & Acting Director of the Office of Engagement and Communication, U.S. Global Development Lab

Accelerating Innovation in Government

Sponsor:  CSS (Converged Security Solutions)


Rebecca Mann(Sponsor-IBI), Dave Hall(Speaker-DAI), Dave Pearl(VP Programs-CSS)

Lucie Phillips(ICGFM President-IBI), Alexis Bonnell(Speaker-USAID), Chip Block(Sponsor-CSS), Dave Pearl(VP Programs-CSS)


September 11, 2019

Damien de Walque, Senior Economist, World Bank

A Conversation on Performance-Based Financing for Health

Sponsor:  Chemonics 

March 6, 2019

Anke D'Angelo, Auditor General and Vice President of the Internal Audit Department, World Bank

Nancy Onyango, Director, Office of Internal Audit, The International Monetary Fund

Adam Trzeciak, Inspector General, US Government Accountability Office

Meet the Auditors

Sponsor:  Graduate School USA

March 2019 DC Forum

Wanda Jaskiewicz (Sponsor-Chemonics), Eileen Hoffman (Sponsor-Chemonics), Damien de Walque (Speaker-World Bank), Dave Pearl (ICGFM VP Programs/CSS)


Dave Pearl(VP Programs-CSS), Anke D'Angelo(Speaker-World Bank), Nancy Onyango(Speaker-IMF), Lucie Phillips(ICGFM President-IBI), Adam Trzeciak(Speaker-GAO), Al Tyree(Sponsor-Graduate School USA)

February 6, 2019

Leah April, Senior Public Sector Specialist for the Latin American - Caribbean Region, World Bank

Onur Erdem, Public Sector Specialist, World Bank

Climate Adaptation and Resilient Governance

Sponsor:  Development Gateway

November 7, 2018

Samer Al-Samarrai, Senior Economist, Education Global Practice, World Bank

Government education spending effectiveness and the promise of results based financing

Sponsor:  IBI

DC Forum Feb19
Sarah Orton-Vipond

Onur Erdem(Speaker-World Bank), Leah April(Speaker-World Bank), Jack Maykoski(Past-President-ICGFM/Graduate School USA)

Sarah Orton-Vipond (Sponsor-Development Gateway)

David Colvin(Sponsor-IBI), Lucie Phillips(Sponsor-IBI), John Crihfield(Sponsor-IBI), Samer Al-Samarrai(Speaker-World Bank), Jim Wright(President-ICGFM/Evans Incorporated)


October 3, 2018

Michael Ochieng, Manager, Systems and Transformation - Finance and Accounting, World Bank Group

Jenifer Williams, Executive Director, Government and Public Sector Practice, Ernst & Young

Kal Patel, Executive Director, Capital Markets Technology Practice, Ernst & Young

Intelligent Automation: Reshaping the Way International Finance Organizations Work

Sponsor:  EY

April 2018

Robert Dacey, Chief Accountant, US Government Accountability Office

Audit of the US Government’s Finances- What has been accomplished and what needs to be done?

Sponsor:  KPMG

October 2018 DC Forum

Olaf Smulders (EY), Michael Ochieng (World Bank), Karina Temirbulatova (Sponsor/EY), Jenifer Williams (EY), Kal Patel (EY) and Jack Maykoski (ICGFM Past President/Graduate School USA)


Martin Chrisney(Sponsor-KPMG), Robert Dacey(Speaker/GAO), Jim Wright(President-ICGFM/Evans Incorporated)

March 2018

Tom Yatsco, Assistant Inspector General for Audit, USAID/Inspector General

Yuko Keicho, Director, Strategy & Operations, Internal Audit Vice Presidency, The World Bank

Adam Trzeciak, Inspector General, US Government Accountability Office 

Meet The Auditors

Sponsor:  Graduate School USA 

February 2018

Lesley Anne Field, Deputy Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Executive Office of the President

Acquisition Management Priorities and Practices

Sponsor:  Evolver, Inc.

Al Tyree(Sponsor-Graduate School USA), Adam Trzeciak(US GAO), Tom Yatsco(USAID), Yuko Keicho(World Bank), Jim Wright(President-ICGFM/Evans Incorporated), Jack Maykoski(Past President-ICGFM/Sponsor-Graduate School USA)


Jim Wright(President-ICGFM/Evans Incorporated), Lesley Field(Speaker/OMB), Bill Sabo(Sponsor-Evolver)


November 2017

Lawrence Daum, Capacity Building Division Chief (Acting), E3 Bureau, Office of Economic Policy, USAID

Cross-Sectoral Public Financial Management Programming: Ensuring Effectiveness and Sustainability

Sponsor: IBI

David Colvin(Sponsor-IBI), John Crihfield(Sponsor-IBI), Larry Daum(Speaker/USAID), Lucie Phillips(Sponsor-IBI), Pete Aliferis(ICGFM Treasurer)

October 2017

Steve Rozner, Senior Fiscal Advisor, Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and the Environment, USAID

Domestic Resource Mobilization: Getting Back to Basics

Sponsor: Devex

Jim Wright(President-ICGFM/Evans Incorporated), Steve Rozner(Speaker/USAID), Betsy Brown(Sponsor-Devex)

September 2017

Tom Melito, Director, International Affairs and Trade, U.S. Government Accountability Office

Syrian Humanitarian Assistance:  Steps Taken by U.S. Agencies to Ensure Financial Oversight

Sponsor: Grant Thornton

Tom Melito (US GAO)

April 2017

Gergana Danailova-Trainor, Senior Economist, US Government Accountability Office

US GAO Foreign Assistance Evaluation Report

Sponsor: KPMG

Martin Chrisney (KPMG/Sponsor), Jim Michels (US GAO), Gergana Danailova-Trainor (US GAO), Jack Maykoski (ICGFM Past President/Graduate School USA)

March 2017

Lisa J. Kubiske, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Finance & Development, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs

The Fiscal Transparency and Innovation Fund

Sponsor: Graduate School USA

Ryan May (State Dept), Al Tyree (Graduate School USA/Sponsor), Lisa Kubiske (State Dept), Jack Maykoski (ICGFM Past President/Graduate School USA)


February 2017

Daniella Datskovska, EY; Dr. Doug Webster, USAID; Valerie Lubrano, OPIC;
Alice McNutt Miller, MCC

Unlocking the Value of Enterprise Risk Management

Sponsor: Ernst & Young

Jim Wright (ICGFM President/Evans Incorporated), Daniella Datskovska (EY/Sponsor), Dr. Doug Webster (USAID), Valerie Lubrano (OPIC), Alice McNutt Miller (MCC)


November 2016

Reginald Mitchell, CFO, USAID

Public Financial Management in the Fight Against Corruption

Sponsor: Grant Thornton

Jason Levergood (Sponsor-Grant Thornton/ICGFM VP Sponsorships & Grants), Reggie Mitchell (USAID), Jim Wright (ICGFM President Elect/Evans Incorporated)


October 2016

Natwar Gandhi, Former CFO, District of Columbia

How a Deficit-Plagued District of Columbia was Transformed into a Financially Healthy Municipality

Surplus Bond Rating History Chart FY13

Sponsor: Devex

Alan Robbins (Sponsor-Devex), Nat Gandhi (Speaker), Jim Wright (ICGFM President Elect/Evans Incorporated), Dave Pearl (VP Programs/SharpEntity LLC)

September 2016

Robert Reschke, Vice President for Programs, IBI

Managing Agricultural, Mining and Forestry Concession to Improve Revenues and Minimize Conflicts: The Liberia System

Video: Liberia's National Bureau of Concessions

Sponsor: IBI

Rebecca Mann (Sponsor-IBI), Bob Reschke (IBI), Jack Maykoski (ICGFM President/Graduate School USA)


April 2016

Michael Parry, Programme Director, Somalia PFM Education and Training Programme
Alan Edwards, Chair, CIPFA Development

Strengthening Public Financial Management Capacity - A Somalia Case Study

Sponsor: WYG

Jack Maykoski (ICGFM President/Graduate School USA), Michael Parry (Programme Director), Alan Edwards (CIPFA)


March 2016

Jason Bauer, Director, Finance, Investment & Trade, Millennium Challenge Corporation

Engaging the Private Sector in Development

Sponsor: The Graduate School USA

Jack Maykoski (ICGFM President/Graduate School USA), Jason Bauer (MCC), Al Tyree (Sponsor-Graduate School USA), Dave Pearl (ICGFM VP Programs/Grant Thornton)


February 2016

Lisa Fiely, CFO, US African Development Foundation (USADF)

The US African Development Foundation (USADF)

Sponsor: Association of Government Accountants (AGA)

Ann Ebberts (Sponsor - AGA), Lisa Fiely (USADF), Jack Maykoski (ICGFM President/Graduate School USA)


November 2015

Pam White, Former Ambassador to Haiti

PFM Assistance: What Works, Doesn't Work and Why

Sponsor: IBI International

Jack Maykoski (ICGFM President/Graduate School USA), Pam White (Ambassador), Lucie Phillips (IBI International), Robert Reschke (IBI International)


October 2015

Robert Wuertz, Director, Office of Economic Policy, E3, USAID

Financing for Development Conference: Highlights and Next Steps

Sponsor: Devex

Russell Moll (Devex - Sponsor), Bob Wuertz (USAID), Dave Pearl(Grant Thornton/ICGFM VP Programs)


September 2015

Karen F. Lee, Chief, Federal Financial Systems Branch, OMB

Government-wide Financial Management Initiatives: An OMB Perspective

Sponsor: Grant Thornton

Jim Wright (Evans Inc./VP Membership), Karen Lee (OMB), Dave Pearl (Grant Thornton Sponsor/VP Programs)

Pictures VIDEO

April 2015

Robert Wuertz, Director, Office of Economic Policy, E3, USAID

Implementation of Domestic Resource Mobilization in Developing Countries

Sponsor: KPMG

Trevor Davies (KPMG - Sponsor), Bob Wuertz (USAID), Jack Maykoski (Graduate School USA/ICGFM President)


March 2015

Jorge Da Silva, Executive Auditor, Inter-American Development Bank
Mouhamadou Diagne, Director of Strategy & Operations-Internal Audit Vice Presidency, The World Bank Group
Daniel S. Nelson, Assistant Director at the Office of Internal Audit and Inspection, IMF


Sponsor: The Graduate School USA

Richard Hudson (Evans Incorporated/ICGFM Program Steering Committee), Daniel Nelson (IMF), Jorge Da Silva (IADB), Mouhamadou Diagne (World Bank), Al Tyree (Graduate School USA), Jack Maykoski (Graduate School USA/ICGFM President)

Pictures | VIDEO

February 2015

Gene Dodaro, Comptroller General of the United States of America

Anticipating and Meeting Accountability Challenges

Sponsor: Williams Adley

Kola Isiaq (Williams Adley), Gene Dodaro (US GAO), Jack Maykoski (Graduate School USA/ICGFM President)


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