32nd Annual International Training Conference  - Presentations


Opening Remarks
Spanish | French
Jim Wright, ICGFM President
Evans Incorporated

Key Requirements for Tax Modernization Success
Spanish | French

Dr. Stephen Lewarne, Principal, Deloitte Consulting
Richard Laliberte, Deloitte Special Executive and Chief of Party USAID PFM Program Jordan
Ron McMorran, DRM & PFM Expert, Deloitte Consulting

Revised Cash Basis IPSAS and IPSASB Strategy and Work Plan Consultation 2019-2023
Spanish | French

João Carlos Fonseca, Principal, International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board

Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF), Based on Fiscal Impact Analysis (FIA) and Supported by the Baseline
Spanish | French

Ledy Ondina Fiallos Vásquez, Budget Analyst Coordinator, Secretary of Finances, Government of Honduras
Anner José Mendoza Argeñal, Budgetary Analyst, Secretary of Finances, Government of Honduras

Procuring Infrastructure PPPs 2018
Spanish | French
Mikel Tejada Ibanez, Consultant, Topic Leader, Procuring Infrastructure PPPs Global Indicators Group, Development Economics, World Bank

Achieving Fiscal Sustainability – The Case of El Salvador
Spanish | French

Enrique Giraldo, Chief of Party, USAID Domestic Resource Mobilization Program El Salvador, DAI

The Current Landscape for PPP Opportunities in Zambia, Enabling the Environment
Spanish | French

Sarah Sally T. Ross, Director - Planning and Information, Office of the Auditor General, Zambia
Mulenga Kachela, Principal Accountant, Project Development & Promotion, PPP Unit, Zambia

Sketch of Some Big Projects of the Reform of Public Finance in Haiti
Charles L. Cadet, Coordinator of the CRFP/GE, Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF):    EnglishSpanish | French
Jean Bouco Jean-Jacques, Deputy Director General, Treasury Reform, MEF:   EnglishSpanish | French
Donald Marcelin, Director of Information Systems Direction, MEF:    EnglishSpanish | French
Serge Rosenthal, Jr., Director of Organization and Methods Direction, DGI/MEF:    
EnglishSpanish | French

How the World’s First Auditor Based on Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Change in the Auditing Process
Spanish | French

John Craig, Director, Solution Delivery, MindBridge

IFMIS – A Powerful Vehicle for Improving Accountability, Transparency and Combatting Corruption
Spanish | French

Dr. Stephen Lewarne, Principal, Deloitte Consulting
Julie Cooper, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting
Eric Uggen, IFMIS & PFM Expert, Deloitte Consulting

Using Corruption Scandals to Increase Transparency: The Case of Brazil

Andrea Murta, Director of North America Operations, JOTA Journalism

The “Cidadaniativa” Project – Social Participation and political engagement of citzens in times of crisis in democracy
Spanish | French

Doris de Miranda Coutinho, Conselor, Member of Audit, Court of Tocantins State
Tabata Amaral, Co-Founder, Projeto VOA!

Workshop - Multi-purpose Cadasters and Their Link to Fiscal Policy and Planning
Spanish | French

Diego Alfonso Erba, Land Surveyor Engineer, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Lourdes Germán, Director, International and Institute-Wide Initiatives, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

New Wine in New Bottles?  The Fermentation of Behavioral Economics in PFM
Spanish | French

Robert Wuertz, Senior PFM Advisor, Palladium

Domestic Resource Mobilization for Health: Setting Goals and Measuring Impact
Spanish | French

Gareth Davies, Senior Principal Global Practice Specialist, PFM Practice, DAI
Annie Baldridge, Senior Global Practice Specialist, Health Practice, DAI

Fiscal Transparency around State-Owned Enterprises- Issues and Practical Solutions: The Developing Country Perspective
Spanish | French

Martha Chizimba, Chief Economist, Malawi Government
Monaosyile Mhango, Chief Financial Analyst for the Public Enterprise Reform and Monitoring Unit
Eliam Kadewele, Economist responsible for Public Finance Management Systems

The State of Transparency and Public Participation in the Budget Cycle According to the Open Budget Survey: Lessons and Challenges from 115 Countries Around the World
Spanish | French

Vivek Ramkumar, Senior Director of Policy, International Budget Partnership (IBP)

Improving Health Financing through Stronger Budget Planning and Execution in Uganda
Spanish | French

John Kauta, Team Leader and Embedded PFM Adviser, Uganda Strengthening the Planning and Execution of Health Budgets (SPEHB) project, Nathan Associates
Janine Mans, Principal Associate, Nathan Associates

Supporting PFM with Natural Resource Risk Management
Spanish | French

Laura Robinson, President, Swale House Partners, Inc.

Fiscal Responsibility Laws, Experiences and Results: A Case Study of Ghana
Spanish | French

Samuel Pimpong, Lecturer, University of Professional Studies, Accra, Ghana

Capacity Building through Performance Auditing
Spanish | French

Elisabeth Donner, Consultant, Elisabeth D. Consulting
Fara Daun, Business Attorney, Stellar Pacific Business Law, PLLC

Closing Remarks
Spanish | French
Jim Wright, ICGFM President
Evans Incorporated

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