2018 Winter Training Conference - Presentations


Opening Remarks

Spanish | French

Jim Wright, ICGFM President

Evans Incorporated


IMF Opening Remarks

Vitor Gaspar, Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund 


Study on the Public Debt Management Systems and a survey on the solutions used by Debt Management Offices

Spanish | French

Çiğdem AslanLead Financial Officer, World Bank Treasury


Medium-Term Expenditure Framework as a Tool for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Spanish | French

John Thissen, Public Financial Management Director, Chemonics


Monitoring Budget Utilization and Performance to Improve Basic Education’s Programs and Operational Delivery Capacity

Spanish | French

Annalyn M. Sevilla,  Undersecretary for Finance-Budget and Performance Monitoring (OUFBPM), Dept. Education, Philippines


Alternative Paths to Public Financial Management and Public Sector Reform: Experiences from East Asia

Spanish | French

Leah April, Senior Public Sector Specialist, Governance Global Practice, World Bank Group 

Sokbunthoeun So, Public Sector Specialist, Governance Global Practice, World Bank Group


Lessons of Domestic Resources Mobilization (DRM) from Five Country Cases

        Gallagher                        Dod                            Bolnick

  Spanish | French          Spanish | French           Spanish | French

Mark Gallagher, Ph.D., Asian Development Bank Macrofiscal Advisor to the Government of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic 

David Dod, Senior Economist, USAID Office of Economic Policy 

Bruce Bolnick, Ph.D., Former Chief Economist of International Group, Nathan Associates


Political Economy of Implementing Reforms in the Public Procurement Process of Honduras Based on Evaluations of the Application of Operational Procurement Procedures in Government Institutions

Spanish | French

Evelyn Bautista,  Honduras´ Threshold Program Director, Millennium Challenge Account Honduras 

Jacinto Reyes,  Procurement Advisor, Millennium Challenge Account Honduras


Gender Budget Analysis

Spanish | French

Stephen Lewarne, Principal , Federal Practice, Deloitte Consulting

Arwa Najdawi, Gender Budget Expert, Fiscal Reform and Public Financial Management Project, USAID 

Julie Cooper, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting


How To Design a Financial Management Information System in the Era of Digitalization: A Modular Approach

Spanish | French

Gerardo Uña,  Senior Economist, Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund 

Richard Allen,  Visiting Scholar, Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund


Improving Fiscal Transparency in Macedonia:  Machine Learning, Social Media and Blockchain

Spanish | French

Tingjie Meng, Master of Public Policy Student, McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University 

Rebekah Ackerman,  Master of Public Policy Student, McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University


Accounting for Expenditure Commitments

Spanish | French

Jesse Hughes, Ph.D., Associate Trainer (USA), PFM Training Limited; Professor Emeritus, Old Dominion University


Promoting Transparency and Better Governance:  The Case of the Bangladesh Customs Portal

Spanish | French

Md Khairuzzaman Mozumder, Ph.D., Deputy Secretary, Finance Division, Ministry of Finance, Government of Bangladesh

John Crihfield, VP and Chief Economist, IBI

Jason Burneskis, Senior Program Manager, IBI 

Nick Klissas, Former Senior Trade Advisor, Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment, USAID


Debt Laws and Debt Limits: A Panacea to Africa’s Fiscal Management Challenges?

Spanish | French

Emma Pimpong,  Assistant Registrar, University of Professional Studies, Accra


Supporting Public Private Partnerships in Sri Lanka

Spanish | French

Darrell Freund,  Senior Principal Global Practice Specialist (PFM), DAI


Digital Transformation in Public Financial Management (PFM)

Spanish | French

Rom Reddy,  President & CEO, SitaCorp


Closing Remarks

Spanish | French

Jim Wright, ICGFM President

Evans Incorporated

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