2016 Winter Training Conference - Presentations


Opening Remarks
Spanish | French
Jack Maykoski, ICGFM President
Graduate School USA

IMF - Opening Remarks
Vitor Gaspar, Director, Fiscal Affairs Department
The International Monetary Fund

Keynote Address - Building Trust in Government through a 21st Century Approach to Financial Management
Spanish | French
Doug Criscitello, Executive Director, Golub Center for Finance and Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Measuring Benefits of Public Financial Management
Spanish | French
Lucie PhillipsOwner and Chairman, IBI

Optimizing the Benefits of Supreme Audit Institutions

    Pimpong                            Zacchea
Spanish | French                    Spanish | French
Samuel Pimpong, Lecturer & Ph.D. Candidate, University of Ghana, Legon
Nicholas Zacchea, Ph.D., CGFM, CFE, Expert Consultant, International Economics

PFM: Transparancy, Implementation and Technological Developments, Pakistan Case Study
Spanish | French
Khurram Raza Qureshi, Director General International Relations and Coordination (IR&C), Office of Auditor General of Pakistan
Bismah Farrukh Khan, Deputy Director, IR&C, Office of Auditor General of Pakistan
Munawar Hussain, Director, Centre for Information Systems Audit, Lahore, Pakistan

Analysis of the Linkage Between Domestic Revenue Mobilization and Social Sector Spending
Spanish | French
Ram Tamara, Vice President and Senior Economic Adviser; Acting Executive Director, Nathan India

Domestic Resource Mobilization: Underpinning Sustainable Development
Kenneth Lanza, Director, Grant Thornton LLP

Impact Investing and Government Finance: Innovations in Private Finance and the Role of Government
Spanish | French
Martin Chrisney, Director, IDAS Institute, KPMG

Effective PFM Reforms, Georgia Case Study: Results-Oriented Budgeting, Transparency and Risk
Spanish | French
George Jerenashvili, Senior Consultant, PFM Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG)
Mikheil Kukava, Practice Leader, PMCG

Effective PFM Reforms: Transparency in Fiscal Risk Reporting
Spanish | French
Torben Hansen, Deputy Division Chief, International Monetary Fund

Gender Program:  Budgeting, Natural Resources, Human Development

    Gender Budgeting                  Natural Resources, Human Development and Gender
          Spanish | French                                                     Spanish | French
Rafael Romeu, Ph.D., DevTech Systems
Jose Pineda, Ph.D., University of British Columbia and United Nations Development Program
Georges Fadel, DevTech Systems
Catherine Cozzarelli, Ph.D., USAID Senior Gender Advisor
Xavier Debrun, Ph.D., IMF
Janet Stotsky, Ph.D., IMF and American University

Prescribing Solutions – Preventing the Loss of Health Sector Budgets to Corruption
Spanish | French
Larry Michel, President & CEO, Crown Agents USA
Tom Brown, Health Logistics Professional, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Uliana Suprun, Acting Minister of Health, Ukraine
Catherine Severo, Health Economist, Grant Management Solutions, US Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator
Ruth Lopert, Deputy Director, Pharmaceutical Policy & Strategy, Management Sciences for Health

Raising Integrity and Building Public Trust in Government
Spanish | French
Jessica Shannon, Partner, Global Governance & International Development, PwC

Exploring the Implications of Blockchain Technology on Public Financial Management -PANEL
Spanish | French
John Burg, Formerly with the Office of U.S. Foreign Assistance Resources
Carol Van Cleef, Partner, Baker Law
William Schafer, Founder, CEO at Fairledger, Epok, Inc.
Peter Van Valkenburgh, Director of Research, Coin Center

Public Financial Management in Honduras
Spanish | French
John Wingle, Country Director - Honduras and Guatemala at Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)
Kevin Mitchell, Practice Lead and Senior Director of the Financial Management Practice Group, MCC

Closing Remarks
Spanish | French
Jim Wright, ICGFM President-elect
Evans Incorporated


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