2015 ICGFM Winter Training Conference - Presentations


Opening Remarks
Spanish | French
Jack Maykoski, ICGFM President
Graduate School USA

PFM's Role in Meeting Sustainable Development Goals
Spanish | French
Samia Msadek, World Bank, Governance Global Practice

Sustainable Development Needs a Strong PFM Profession
Spanish | French
Alan Edwards, Chairman CIPFA Development, Member IFAC PAO Development Committee

Post Conflict PFM Reform - Liberia Case Study
Spanish | French
Victoria Cooper-Enchia, Chief of Party Liberia Governance and Economic Management Support Project, IBI International
Elizabeth Mulbah, Vice Chair Governance Commission, Republic of Liberia

Sustainable Development Goals Panel
Spanish | French
Reginald Mitchell, CFO, USAID
Mark Hunter, Deputy CFO, USAID
Jim Redder, Local Solutions, USAID
Thao Tran, Foreign Service Officer, USAID

Strengthening PFM Capacity in a Fragile State - Somalia Case Study
Spanish | French
Ms. Sara Breen, Senior Consultant, Public Finance Management, WYG International
Dr. Michael Parry, Programme Director, Somalian PFM E&T Programme; Principal, Michael Parry Consulting
Mr. Farahan Mohamoud, Ministry of Finance, Federal Government of Somalia
Mr. Osman Mohamoud Ali, PFM Expert, WYG International, Somalia PFM E&T Programme
Basel Al Bishtawi, Independent Senior Consultant, IFMIS
Idiris Loyan, IT Consultant, IFMIS

ICGFM/Grant Thornton Global Financial Management Leader Survey
Spanish | French
Jason Levergood, VP Sponsorships & Grants, ICGFM, Grant Thornton
Alejandro Chiappe, ICGFM Board of Directors, Grant Thornton

Transparency in the Public Management
Spanish | French
Mr. Angel Mario Elettore, Cordoba Province Argentina, Finance Ministry

State Aid, Taxation and Development in Ukraine
Spanish | French
Tetiana Iefymenko, President of Academy of Financial Management, The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine

ICGFM Membership Overview
Spanish | French
Jim Wright, VP of Membership, ICGFM, Evans Incorporated

The Road from Addis: Implementing the Addis Tax Initiative
Spanish | French
Robert Wuertz, Director, Office of Economic Policy, E3, US Agency for International Development (USAID)

Corruption and Governance - Georgetown University Panel

Yonaton Morse, Georgetown University | Spanish | French
Dr. Jodi Vittori, Global Witness | Spanish | French
Thomas Cardamone, Global Financial Integrity | Spanish | French
Andrea Murta, The Atlantic Council | Spanish | French

Three Global Cases: Improving DRM in Afghanistan, Procurement in Vietnam, and Policy in Tunisia
Spanish | French
Sarah Meyer, Director, Asia, Chemonics International, Inc.
Melissa Scudo, Team Leader, Tunisia Tax and Customs Reform Activity, Chemonics International, Inc.
Abdul Safir Sahar, Deputy Chief of Party, Afghanistan Trade and Revenue Project, Chemonics International, Inc.

Closing Remarks
Spanish | French
Jack Maykoski, ICGFM President
Graduate School USA


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