2013 Winter Conference  - Presentations



The Role of Governance in Development
Spanish | French
Matt Andrews, Center for International Development
Harvard, John F. Kennedy School

Fiscal Councils
Spanish | French
Xavier Debrun
The International Monetary Fund
Fiscal Affairs Division

Getting the most from Public Investment - Good practices in Public Investment Management
Spanish | French
Public Investment Management (PIM) For “Investing to Capably Invest”
Spanish | French
Jay-Hyung Kim, The World Bank

Revisions to the PEFA Framework, An Update
Spanish | French
Nicola Smithers, PEFA Steering Committee
Helena Ramos, PEFA Secretariat

Beneficiary Feedback—Key to Accountability in International Development
Spanish | French
Daniel P. Altman, USAID
Saad Rashid, Transparency International Pakistan

The ICGFM Survey Results
Spanish | French
Jason Levergood, ICGFM Vice-President
Julia Rollison, Grant Thornton

Impact of Climate Change on PFM
Spanish | French
Mr. Adrian Fozzard, The World Bank

ICGFM Membership
Jim Wright, ICGFM Vice-President for Membership

Transparency: Fostering Development with Social Accountability and Results
Spanish | French
Doris de Miranda Coutinho, Court of the State of Tocantins – Brazil

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