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19th Annual Conference and Training on New Developments in Governmental Financial Management (2005): Approaches to Maximize Accountability, Minimize Risks, Improve Transparency and Reduce Fraud
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David M. Walker
Controller, General
United States of America
Accountability Challenges in the 21st Century PPT - English
Manuel Diaz Saldana
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Approaches to Maximize Accountability and Minimize Risks

Abordajes a Maximizar la Respondabilidad y Minimizar los Riesgos

PPT - English


PPT - Spanish

Jocelyn Thompson
Auditor General
Trinidad and Tobago
Approaches to Maximize Accountability and Minimize Risks

Abordajes a Maximizar la Respondabilidad y Minimizar los Riesgos

Word- English


Dick Willett
Director, International Operations
Partner (Retired), Grant Thornton, LLP
Resisting Corruption: Results of a 2005 Worldwide Survey PPT - English

PDF - Spanish

Carmela S. Perez
Director, IV, GAFMIS
Commission on Audit
Implementing the Computerized Government Accounting System: Philippine Experience PPT - English
Temistocles Rosas Rodiquez
Director, Consulting Plus
La Rendicion de Cuentas Con Responsabiliday y Transparencia Word - Spanish
Arpad Kovacs
President, State Audit Office
Transparency and Accountability in the Operation of Public Finances Word- English

PPT - English

William Dorotinksy
Lead Public Sector Specialist,
Chair-Public Expenditure Thematic Group, The World Bank
Monitoring Public Financial Management System Performance: Lessons and Future Directions PPT- English
Andy Wynn
Head of Public Sector Technical Issues, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, United Kingdom
Perspectives on Maximizing Accountability PPT - English
Blandina Nyoni
Accountant General
Approaches to Maximize Accountability and Minimize Risk

Approaches to Maximize Accountability and Minimize Risk

PPT- English


Word - English

H. Prabhakar Rao
Controller General of Accounts
Approaches to Maximize Accountability and Minimize Risk PPT - English
Harris Whitbeck
Presidential Commissioner for the Modernization of the State

Mario Sanchez
Executive Director, SIAF-SAG Project, Guatemala

Sistema Integrado de Administracion Financiera y Control

Reforma de la Administracion Financiera Publica enGuatemala Principales Logros

PPT- Spanish


PDF - Spanish

Fernando Catacora
XBRL: Potencial para el Sector Publico PPT - Spanish
David Nummy
Managing Director, Fiscal Accountability, MCC
Millennium Challenge Corporation PPT - English
Alta Prinsloo
Senior Technical Manager, International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, International Federation of Accountants
External Auditing Structure and Standards PPT - English
Colleen G. Waring
Deputy City AuditorDallas, Texas
Internal Auditing: Structure and Standards PPT - English
Jonas Hallstrom
Senior Audit Director, National Audit Office of Sweden 

Jeanette Franzel
Director, Financial Management and Assurance, U.S. Government Accountability Office

Structure of Government Auditing Standards PPT - English
Badamdorj Batbayar
Deputy Auditor General, Mongolia
Reforms in Mongolian Government Auditing

Reforms in Mongolian Government Auditing

PPT - English
Word - English
Ts. Ariunsanaa
Head, Financing, Reporting and Accounting Division, Treasury Department, Mongolia
Government Financial Management Information Systems PPT - English
Samir Musovic
Deputy Auditor General, Supreme Audit Institution of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Enhancement of Internal Control Systems PPT - English


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