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Sub-Theme: Accountability and the Need for Good Government Financial Systems & Reliable Information on a Real Time Basis

1. Keynote: Evolving Challenges for Financial Managers in an Uncertain and Dynamic Environment.
Gene Dodaro, Chief Operating Officer, U.S. General Accounting Office

2. The International Crisis: Role of the Government Financial Manager.
Jim Wesberry, Director Project AAA Mexico, Casals & Associates

3. Using Activity Based Modeling to Design Government Financial Management Systems.
Michael Parry, Chairperson, IMCL

4. Integrated Financial Management Information Systems.
Dr. Jesse Hughes, Professor Emeritus of Accounting,
Old Dominion University

5. International Crisis, Accountability and the Role of
Government Financial Managers.
Frederick Schieck, USAID Deputy Administrator

6. Latin American Leadership on Financial Management Transparency and Anti-Corruption Initiatives.
Ramiro Valderrama Aramayo, Consultant

7. E-Government Experience at the State and Local Level.
Carolyn Purcell, Chief Information Officer, State of Texas

8. E-Procurement.
Jose Lopez-Presa, Managing Director, LR&B Consultores,
S.A. de C.F., Mexico

9. XBRL-Extensible Business Reporting Language.
Michael Willis, Chair, XBRL Steering Committee, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Sub-Theme: Protection of Government Financial Records Through Improved Computer Security and Disaster Recovery

10. Financial Management Systems-the Colombian Experience.
Edgar Fernando Nieto Sanchez, Consultant, Colombia

11. New Technologies and Methodologies in Computer Security for Government Internet and Intranet Operations.
Robert Dacey, Director of Consolidated Audit and Computer Security, U.S. General Accounting Office

12. Lessons Learned from the Financial Crisis in Argentina-The End of the Convertibility Monetary System.
Horacio Casabe, Advisor to the Argentine Parliament and Former General Director of the General Tax Direction (IRS); Professor, Academic Council of the University and Former Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Lomas de Zamora, Argentina

13. Economic, Financial and Political Crisis. How Will Romania Solve These Problems?
Senator Dan Nicole Rahau, Budget and Finance Committee of the Senate and Member of the Romanian Parliament to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea for Economic Cooperation

14. Update on IFAC Public Sector Standards.
Ronald Points, Regional Finance Manager, East Asia and Pacific, The World Bank

15. Performance Auditing for Financial Managers.
Dr. Mort Dittenhofer, Past Director, School of Accounting, Florida International University

16. Corporate Governance, Participation and Financial Management Reform in Decentralized Developing Countries.
Matthew Andrews, Evaluations Officer, Operation Evaluations Department, The World Bank

Sub-Theme: Preparedness for Man-Made and Natural Disasters, from a Donor's Point-of-View

17. Strengthening Audit Requirements to Assure Better Accountability in International Financing in an Age of Crisis. 
Angel Gonzalez-Malaxechevarria, International Consultant, Governance, Financial management and Auditing

18. Strategy for Auditing Disaster Assistance.
Lloyd Miller, Assistant Director, Information Technology and Special Audits, USAID, Office of Inspector General

19. Audits of Natural Disaster Assistance Projects.
Muhammad Mohsin Khan, Director-General, Department of the Auditor-General of Pakistan ; Masud Muzaffar, President of Pakistan Consortium on Governmental Financial Management

20. Auditing in the Hotspots of the World: The Challenges for United Nations Auditors to Work in Real Time.
Esther Stern, Director of Audit, United Nations

21. Financial Management Improvement Plan Methodology.
John Maykoski, Associate Director, International Institute, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Honorable Elbuchel Sadang, Minister of Administration, Republic of Palau

Sub-Theme: Improving Skills to Combat Money Laundering and Corruption in Government Finance

22. Update on Global Anti-Money Laundering Activities.
Alan Abel, Global Practice Leader, Money Laundering Compliance, PricewaterhouseCoopers

23. Tracing Money Laundering Operations to the Source of Funding. Theodore S. Greenberg, U.S. Department of Justice

24. Forensic Audit's Role in Thwarting Money Laundering.
Arthur Hayes, Director, Division of State Audits, State of Tennessee

25. Investigation of Fraud and Anti-Corruption in Latin America. Fernando Mateo Yataco, General Accountant, Essalud, Peru

26. Investigation of Fraud and Anti-Corruption in Hungary.
Arpad Kovacs, President of Hungarian State Audit Office;
Dr. Sepsey Tamas, President, Government Control Office, Hungary

27. Investigation of Fraud and Anti-Corruption in Czech Republic. Vaclav Perich, Vice President of Supreme Audit Office, Czech Republic

28. Transfer Pricing: Income Tax and Import Duty Fraud.
Dr. John Zdanowicz, Director, Center for Banking, Florida International University; Dr. Simon Pak, Professor, Pennsylvania State University

29. Minimizing Your Exposure/Risk through Effective Contract Auditing. For Spanish version click here.
Roberto Martinez, Senior Auditor; Paul Phillips, Regional Audit Manager for the Eastern Region, Defense Contract Audit Agency

Sub-Theme: Safeguarding and Reporting on Infrastructure

30. Restructuring and Expanding Government Auditing Standards-INTOSAI Perspective.
Karin Holmerin, Audit Director, The Swedish National Audit Office

31. Preparedness for Man-Made and Natural Disasters: The Financial Manager's and Auditor's Role.
Hans Gude, Director, KPMG, San Francisco

32. Oversight of Crisis Management Exercises.
Sondra F. McCauley, Audit Manager, U.S. Department of State, Office of Inspector General; Christina Watson, Management Analyst, U.S. Department of State, Office of Inspector General

33. Meeting the International Challenges to Secure International Electronic Finance.
Florencia Pettigrew, Manager for Latin America, McConnell International LLC, Washington, DC

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