ICGFM Foundation in Public Financial Management

The ICGFM Foundation course is an online e-learning course designed to cement the fundamentals of public financial management (PFM)

Students will develop a sound understanding of the fundamentals of PFM – budgeting, budget execution, accounting and reporting providing a foundation for day to day work and a basis for higher-level studies such as the ICGFM Diploma course.

  • Web-based e-learning programme developed in partnership with PFM Training Limited of the UK
  • Can be studied individually as an e-learning course or as the basis for a course at training or educational institutions
  • On-line certification by ICGFM based on course completion plus on-line tests
  • Syllabus and text based on “Accounting for Governments: from Budget to Audit” by Michael Parry and Jesse Hughes
  • Open to anyone with an interest in public financial management

If you would like more information, please click to visit the ICGFM Foundation Course page

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