ICGFM Programs

Our programs provide activities and products to advance governmental financial management principles and standards and promote their implementation and application.

Internationally, the Consortium,

(1) sponsors meetings and conferences that bring together government financial managers from around the world to share information and experiences in governmental financial management in order to educate members and others about innovations, best practices, and emerging issues, and

(2) fosters research concerning governmental financial management and disseminates information and results to our members and the public.

Program Steering Committee

Dave Pearl – ICGFM Vice President for Programs/CSS

James Blockwood, US Government Accountability Office

Alvin Brown, USAID Office of the Inspector General

Martin Chrisney, KPMG

Mike Coppin, Consultant

Peter Erdosi, Oracle

Mark Fitzgerald, KPMG

Darrell Freund, DAI

Mark Gallagher, Public Finance and Macroeconomics, LLC

Lourdes German, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Torben Hansen, International Monetary Fund

Richard Hudson, Evans Incorporated

Jason Levergood, Grant Thornton

Steve Lewarne, Deloitte

Chris Polke, The Institute of Internal Auditors

Carolina Renteria, International Monetary Fund

Jim Wright

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