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December 5, 2017

Peter Aliferis Awarded the David M. Nummy Lifetime Achievement Award

The International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM) commenced the 2017 Winter Conference at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on December 4, 2017.  During his opening remarks, ICGFM President Jim Wright presented the newly established David M. Nummy lifetime achievement award to Peter Aliferis, Past President, a highly respected and valued member of the ICGFM Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

The award is sponsored by ICGFM to recognize and honor individuals who have made sustained contributions by bringing their expertise, knowledge and dedication to further the ICGFM mission and who serve as ambassadors for the organization and have demonstrated their passion for improving public financial management around the world.

The award is named for the late David Nummy, who served on the ICGFM Executive Committee and Board of Directors, and is best remembered for his role as VP for Programs where he served as the Master of Ceremonies for conferences for over a decade. David embodied the spirit of the organization through his tireless work and significant contributions over the years to building PFM capacity.

Pete held many high level, important roles throughout his career.  During his exceptional career at GAO, he served many roles including the Director of Special Project Office of the Office of the Comptroller General and Director of Operations of the Accounting and Information Management Division.  At the USA Graduate School he was Dean of Curriculum for the Government Auditor Training Institute, and for the Association of Government Accountants he served as Deputy Executive Director - Operations, and Director of Professional certification.

December 1, 2017


Public fiscal sustainability and public sector accountability are necessary for encouraging economic growth needed for the well-being of current and future generations. Both the public fiscal sustainability and public accountability are considered as the most important aspects of sound public sector governance. Fiscal sustainability aims to assure that current taxpayers are paying for the services that they receive and not pass those costs on to future generations, whereas the public financial accountability aims to monitor and control the performance of government officers and organizations, particularly with respect to quality, inefficiency and the abuse of resources. Therefore, the current issue focuses mainly on the public fiscal sustainability and public financial accountability and its role in controlling the public sector entities performance.

- Prof. Dr. Hassan Ouda, Editor

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