Executive Committee and Managing Director

The ICGFM Board of Directors is comprised of Sustaining Members, 6 Organization Members and 6 Individual Members.

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Executive Committee Members

Lucie Phillips

President (2020)

Lucie Phillips

IBI International

Email: lcphillips@ibi-usa.com 

Jim Wright

Past President (2020)

Jim Wright

Email: jim@jw3llc.onmicrosoft.com


President-Elect/VP Programs (2020)

Dave Pearl


Email: david.pearl@caci.com 


VP, Membership and Sponsorship (2021)

John Yates


Email: jyates@devtechsys.com 

John Thissen

VP, Communications/VP-Elect for Programs (2020)

John Thissen


Email: jthissen@chemonics.com 

Geoff Luiz

Treasurer Pro Tem (2021) 

Geoffrey Luiz

Grant Thornton LLP 

Email: Geoffrey.Luiz@us.gt.com 

Darreisha Bates

Secretary (2020)

Darreisha Bates

US Government Accountability Office

Email: batesd@gao.gov 

Laura Robinson

VP, Training (2021) 

Laura Robinson

Swale House Partners

Email: laura.robinson@swalehp.com 

Charbet Duckett

Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on International Auditing Standards

Charbet Duckett

Email: cmduckett@williamsadley.com 

Michael Parry

Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on International Accounting Standards

Michael Parry, PFr

Email: mike@pfmtraining.com

Managing Director


ICGFM Managing Director

Joanne Dunne

Email: icgfm@icgfm.org 

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