ICGFM Board of Directors - Biography

Philippine Association for Government Budget Administration, Inc., Philippines, Organization Member

Representative, Zenaida Chang


Zenaida Chang is the President of the  Philippine Association for Government Budget Administration, Inc. (PAGBA).  Ms. Chang was previously Assistant Commissioner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

PAGBA is a catalyst of change in the field of public fiscal administration through research studies, consultation and legislative agenda to respond to the needs of an ever-changing environment.

PAGBA is a resource center of knowledge and technologies on fiscal policies and practices through continuing for a and linkages with local and foreign organizations to ensure professional development among its members.

PAGBA adheres to fiscal discipline and transparency in the management of its resources to effectively implement its programs and projects and fulfill its social responsibility to its members.

PAGBA commits to perform its responsibility with the highest degree of integrity, professionalism, and objectivity to enhance the value formation among its members.


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