ICGFM Ad Hoc Steering Committee on Overseas Programs

The ICGFM Board established the Ad Hoc Steering Committee on Overseas Programs to support financial management reform for interested countries or regional groupings wherever country- or donor financing of a program is available.

Members of the Ad Hoc Steering Committee on Overseas Training:

Laura Robinson (US), Chair

Alvin Brown (US)

Ann Ebberts (US)

Eileen Hoffman (US)

Jason Levergood (US)

Geoffrey Luiz (US)

Dave Pearl (US)

Lucie Phillips (US)

Janet St Laurent (US)

Karina Temibulatova (US)

John Wszelaki (US)

Jason Wynnycky (US)




Please see our TRAINING CATALOG for further information.

Contact ICGFM at icgfm@icgfm.org for further information concerning PFM training and technical assistance partnerships.

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