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Board of Directors         ByLaws

Officers (Executive Committee)

ICGFM officers must be members of the Board of Directors. Officers may be re-elected to the same position or a new one. Officers are nominated by the Nominating Committee based on input from the ICGFM members.


Lucie Phillips (IBI) (through 2020)

Past President/Chair, Nominating Committee

Jim Wright (Living Roofs, Inc.) (through 2020)

Vice President: Partnerships and Alliances

John Yates (DAI) (through 2020)

Vice President: Programs

Dave Pearl (CSS) (through 2019)

Vice President: Publications and Communications

John Thissen (Chemonics) (through 2020)

Hassan Ouda (German University, Cairo) (through 2020)

Vice President: Membership and Sponsorship

Jason Levergood (Grant Thornton) (through 2019)


Peter Aliferis (through 2019)


Darreisha Bates (GAO) (through 2020)

Executive Director

Patricia Cornish

Project Consultant

Mari Robinette Deasel

Laura Robinson (US), Chair

Alvin Brown (US)

Mike Coppin (UK)

Ann Ebberts (US)

Jason Levergood (US)

Geoffrey Luiz (US)

Michael Parry (UK)

Dave Pearl (US)

Lucie Phillips (US)

Chris Polke (US)

Janet St Laurent (US)

Jim Wright (US)

John Yates (US)

Michael Parry (UK), Chair

Jesse Hughes (US)

Tetiana Iefymenko (Ukraine)

Hassan Ouda (Egypt)

Anne Owuor (Kenya)

Mark Silins (Australia)

Nino Tchelishvili (Georgia)

Paul Waiswa (Uganda)

Andy Wynne (UK)

Osman Ali (UK)

Charbet Duckett (US), Chair

Alvin Brown (US)

Geoffrey Luiz (US)

Laura Robinson (US)

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