ICGFM Board of Directors - Biography

Jesse Hughes, Member of the Ad Hoc Committee on International Accounting Standards and Former ICGFM President

Jesse Hughes

Dr. Hughes specializes in governmental financial management issues and training. He has traveled extensively to conduct research and address accounting issues worldwide including Africa, Asia, and Europe as well as North and South America.

He served for over 20 years as an internal auditor, treasurer, chief accountant, systems analyst and comptroller for the U.S. federal government and over 20 years as a university accounting faculty member -- while serving as the Chair of the Accounting Department and Associate Dean of the College of Business and Public Administration at Old Dominion University in Virginia, USA.

He was also the Founding Director of the Governmental Financial Management Centre and is a Professor Emeritus of Accounting.  Dr. Hughes has advised governments throughout the world at high levels on development of budget classification, accounting and auditing systems and charts of accounts as well as conducting workshops for financial managers.  He co-authored the preparation and development of 18 computer based and instructor led courses for the United Nations to assist the UN System Organizations in their transition to the IPSAS.

ICGFM presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Jesse Hughes for his outstanding work, achievements and accomplishments at the 2014 Winter Training Conference.

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