Board of Directors

The ICGFM Board of Directors is comprised of Sustaining Members, 6 Organization Members and 6 Individual Members.
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(6 Seats)

Pakistan - Department of the Auditor General of Pakistan (Supreme Audit Institution)
Javaid Jahangir (through 2021)

Philippine Association for Government Budget Administration, Inc.
Zenaida B. Chang (through 2021)

Ukraine - Ministry of Finances of Ukraine, Academy of Financial Management
Tetiana Iefymenko (through 2020)

UK - WYG Group International
Chris Rowe (through 2020)

USA - JS Morlu LLC CPAs -
John S. Morlu (through 2021)

USA - Devex
Alan Robbins (through 2020)

(6 Seats)

Alejandro Chiappe (Argentina) (through 2020)

Mike Coppin (UK) (through 2021)

Lori Fleming (USA) (through 2020)

Mark Gallagher (USA) (through 2020)

Steven Rozner (USA) (through 2021)

Paul Waiswa (Uganda) (through 2021)

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