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Location:  Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

1779 Massachusetts Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20036



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Cross-Sectoral Public Financial Management Programming: Ensuring Effectiveness and Sustainability

November 1, 2017

Our Speaker:


Lawrence Daum
Capacity Building Division Chief (Acting),
E3 Bureau, Office of Economic Policy,

USAID delivers development assistance around the globe. To ensure efficiency in aid delivery Public Financial Management (PFM) programming must deal with the political economies, local systems, and issues in each sector and for each population because it affects them all. They in turn impact how well PFM systems work and the fiscal health of USAID’s partner countries. Good governance and good economic governance are critical to sustainable development, and must be delivered in forms useful to all sectors for maximum effectiveness. I also hope to address how this cross-sector focus can influence the sequencing of assistance.

Our Speaker:

Lawrence K. (Larry) Daum is an experienced international development, public financial management, public administration and governance professional with over 40 years of experience in a variety of sectors. After service in the United States Army, he spent five years in private sector management. While completing his MA in Political Science he began his public sector career in job training and human resources for New Castle County Government in Delaware, moving to Vermont State Government in 1989 and joining their budget office in 1991. From 1998-2012 he served as an implementing partner long term consultant, Deputy Chief and Chief of Party at the national and local levels in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kosovo, Georgia and Afghanistan, with shorter assignments in Montenegro, Iraq, the Russian Federation, and Azerbaijan, while working on USAID, World Bank, DFID, and EU projects and programs in PFM and Democracy and Governance. After service from 2010-11 with USAID as the anti-corruption advisor for the Critical Priority Countries he rejoined USAID at the end of 2012 as a PFM Advisor. Since 2012 he has developed and delivered training, tools and references, and led and participated in ongoing USAID reform and programming efforts. Since 2016 he has been the Acting Chief of the Capacity Building Division in USAID’s Bureau of Economic Growth, Education and Environment (E3), Office of Economic Policy. The division handles PFM, Domestic Resource Mobilization, and local solutions.


A Three Course, Served Luncheon is included, Registration is required to attend:
Price:  Member - $35.00,  Non-Member - $37.50

Location:  Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

1779 Massachusetts Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20036

Time:  12:00-1:30pm

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